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Below is a detailed overview of the complete pool purchase and build process:

Initial Meetings, Design and Contract Agreement

  1. To start the process we will have an initial contact/first phone conversation were we will set up an at-house appointment - I will direct you to our website so you can get a good understanding of pricing and the entire pool build process before we meet at your house.
  2. At our initial at-house design meeting we will draw a scale drawing of your yard and design the pool that works best for your family together at your house. This includes the exact costs with any options you would like to consider. We could be ready to "move forward" and execute a contract if you are, or at least you will have all of the info you need to be able to consider your purchase at your leisure. Please allow two hours for this meeting as we will go over everything and answer all questions.
  3. After signing a contract, putting down the deposit and making sure you have a full understanding of the entire process, we can work on getting your color choices for your waterline tile, mini-pebble interior finish and your decking choices.

Permit Approvals, Site Prep and Excavation

  1. After receiving your deposit, we would like to complete your pool excavation within 5 weeks. This could be extended if we have permit problems, for example if your lot is in a floodplain or a Native Plant Preservation Ordinance area.
  2. We will complete your plans and submit them for permits. We will also e-mail them to you so you can submit them to your HOA for approval if needed.
  3. After we receive the approved permits, we can schedule the on-site pre-excavation meeting where we will mark out the exact pool location. We will go over excavation access, all utility line locations, what landscape/utility line replacement is included, and all questions and aspects of the coming pool build. Also, we can make sure we have all color/finish options selected/confirmed and documented.
  4. We will order all of your pool equipment, schedule the delivery and schedule all of the coming phases of construction before the shotcrete installation.
  5. We will complete any included site prep/pre-grading, take down the wall (if needed), form the pool and complete the excavation.
  6. Your 1st payment is due after excavation.

Rebar, Equipment Installation, Plumbing and Electrical

  1. After excavation, we will install the delivered pool equipment, the plumbing and the electrical components including all of the utilities.
  2. We will install the rebar pool grid reinforcement and connect the bonding wire onto the completed rebar - a check on the completed plumbing/electric/rebar will be done by the manager.
  3. Your 2nd payment is due after the rebar is installed.

Pre-gunite Inspection and Shotcrete Installation

  1. At this point, we will complete the pre-gunite (shotcrete) inspection. The County will inspect the rebar grid, the electrical bonding, ensure the plumbing is holding pressure and inspect the pool equipment.
  2. After the inspection has passed, we will install the shotcrete pool structure. The project manager will meet the shotcreter workers on site to answer any questions. We should complete the shotcrete in under 3 weeks from the completed pool excavation.
  3. Your 3rd payment is due after the shotcrete is completed.

Filling of Trenches and Deck Layout

  1. After the shotcrete is complete, we will perform our first yard clean-up, fill-in all the trenches, strip off the pool forms, and level & grade the area for the deck.
  2. We will install waterline tile that was delivered previously.
  3. We will schedule a meeting with you to paint out the deck, go over the work that has been done to date and the final plan to address and pass the pool barrier code (we will have talked about these items previously and should have a good idea what needs to be done).
  4. We will install the decking around the pool - getting close to completion!! We should be able to install the decking in less than 2 weeks after the shotcrete is done.
  5. Your 4th pool payment is due after the decking is completed.

Finishing the Project

  1. At this point, we will rebuild the wall at the access area (if needed), complete the items needed for the final barrier inspection, and perform a thorough yard clean-up. Clean up will include cleaning the pool tile, skimmer and raking out around the deck area and at the access as agreed to. We will restore any landscaping if that is included.
  2. The project manager will check the final barrier items, the clean-up, and schedule the final County inspection. We will also create a final punch list of items to be done.
  3. We will pass the final inspection and schedule the pebble finish installation.
  4. We will perform the plaster prep, interior pool clean-up, and install all of the pool fittings. We will have your start-up kit delivered before the pebble finish is installed.
  5. The next day we will install the mini-pebble pool finish, let it set for one day, then do an acid wash, final interior clean-up, and start filling the pool.
  6. Your final payment is due the day we install the mini-pebble. All the construction is done at this point. If the barrier code items are not complicated, (door alarms and gate springs only) we should be able to complete the interior finish and fill the pool within 3 weeks of the completed decking.
  7. After your pool is full, your project manager will add the chemicals needed to establish your initial chemical balance, start-up all the pool equipment and meet you for a pool instruction meeting. Happy swimming!!

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